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A group of women struggle to deal with the suicide of their best friend, but when dark secrets start unraveling, the suicide begins to look more and more like murder. Their quiet, isolated retreat turns into a psychological octagon and the emotional bloodletting threatens their survival.

Like a gift from heaven, Samuel, a neighbor turned grief counsellor, befriends the five woman and aids them through the mourning process. In an almost “Unearthly” manner, Samuel manipulates the women on a spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological level that causes the women to turn on each other like rabid cats. None are safe in this arena of survival. Like forbidden fruit, they just can’t leave this succulent alone. Even if it kills them. Is Samuel the Angel of Death or The Demon of Love?

Detective Lancaster is a man on a mission. A suicide that doesn’t add up and a clique of women with more secrets than the Egyptian burial mounds has his “spidey senses tingling”. Hell bent on discovering the truth in this sapphic lair of mind mazes, intrigue and conspiracy, Lancaster faces an enemy as cunning as a panther and just as dangerous.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…. Or lied to or, belittled or, conned or generally annoyed and you can be sure she will get payback and there will be, NO APOLOGY